Herero lady Jariyo Kasuto, 54 years old, Windhoek, Namibia

"The traditional Herero dress symbolises femininity, and a Herero lady should not dress up otherwise. I own six dresses, and I have sewn each one of them with my own hands. I have dressed up like this since I was 14. Usually, girls start dressing up like this when they have their first menstruation, when they get married or when they give birth to their first-born child. It is sort of an act of initiation, when a girl becomes a woman. When I was young, the grandfather of the girl would slaughter a cow on the day the initiation took place. He would take one part of the cow's internal organs and place it onto his granddaughter's head. She'd wear it for a couple of hours until the grandfather would take it and replace it with her first cow-horned head piece. That's how it used to be like. It was those born in the 1970's and in the 1980's who changed the tradition. Nowadays, younger women only wear the traditional dress during weddings and funerals." 

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